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Briankopps 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide is a Secret Path That Blizzard Doesn't Want YOU To Know About. Let Me Explain. I spent 38 hours and 11 minutes at level 60 before Burning Crusade was out.

The only relevant things I did was teach my pet bite rank 7 and clear the bank. Let's very liberally say that'd take 3 hours. so to get my final /played time you'd have to subtract 35 hours and 11 minutes from the 10 day 7 hour and 49 minute total which gives 8 days, 20 hours, 38 minutes to level 70.

It';s about time isn't it? This alliance leveling guide was made because there were so many World of Warcraft leveling guides out there today that it was hard to pick a good one, let alone a good leveling guide that is legal.

Many of them are far from worth even considering. If you're like me then you'e sick of seeing the same old thing that people post on the forums or try to sell on ebay for a quick dollar.

What they're actually doing is giving you an ineffective grinding guide. I'm NOW Revealing my Secret Step-by-Step Alliance Leveling Guide. Step By Step guide that anyone can use.

You can now get the results that you want and have fun while you do it, with less work than ever before. You no longer need to deal with the frustration.

Every step is numbered and sorted by each zone that you will quest in from level 1-70. The Best part about this leveling guide is that you can solo all the way to 70.

You may need to group a few times throughout, but you'll never be dependant on needing a group again. I took pictures of nearly everything you have to interact with in one way or another.

There are absolutely no cheats and no hacks in this guide. I have the fastest, most efficient path charted out. All you have to do is follow it, have fun, and level faster than ever before.

You'll be leveling so fast that people will swear you are cheating. That is where you can have even more fun. ULTIMATE GUIDE BONUS: This is an amazing mod that will uncover your entire map.

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